[ESC] Enter. Solve. Conquer is Chesterfield's premier live action escape rooms.

Live action escape rooms are an interesting and unique group activity where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles, crack codes and figure out how to escape the room before the time limit runs out.

Prices start from £15 per person and guarantee an experience like no other in Chesterfield.

60 Minutes. Multiple Puzzles. One Way Out. Can You [ESC]

Our Story

[ESC] was born from a love of games and puzzles and a wish to provide events and entertainment that simulate being in your own video game. Similarly, as a kid who didn't want to appear on TV shows like Crystal Maze and Knightmare?

Stories are really important to us here at [ESC] too and by developing our trios of escape rooms with an ongoing narrative I hope to provide an experience that differs from the traditional Chesterfield nightlife.

Trio One is now available and will explore local history, with elements of our escape room puzzles involving Chesterfield's Crooked Spire and nearby Eyam and a what-if story spanning centuries.

I hope that any fellow lovers of puzzles and mystery will enjoy their time inside [ESC]